I love taking photos. I love capturing personalities, moments in time and beautiful memories. Photography has brought me so much joy and happiness. What you may not know is along with my love for photography I am a humanitarian at heart. Humanitarian: having concern for or helping the welfare and happiness for other people.When I am able to combine my passion and COMpassion, that is pure joy. I am thankful that through your investment in Ackerman Photography, WE have been able to make a difference!

*provide many meals and hundreds of blessing bags for our homeless and less fortunate.

* gift family photos to those battling cancer.

* help a foster child find a forever familyby providing them with photos for the http://heartgallerycfl.org/.

*provide these children with their first family photos once they are adopted through https://www.chsfl.org/.

* provide family photos for special needs children and their families through http://www.nathanielshope.org/.

* gift family to our military families being deployed through http://www.oplove.org/.